Department of Tactics


Department of tactics considers the implementation of the educational process as a priority, leading to the fulfillment of its mission well prepare future officers ACR position of leaders – leaders. 

As part of the study programs of the Faculty of Military Leadership Department implements and provides instruction in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies in the field of study of military management and contributes significantly to the preparation of students of the University of Defence in the context of military master degree study in the field of management and use of the armed forces. 

The Department is in the bachelor’s degree program also participates in the preparation of students in the learning module cyber security. Study module students profiled in the management of processes related to ensuring security of information systems in civil and military environments. 

To support the implementation of vocational education department uses specialized classrooms equipped with means of virtual simulation (virtual tactical simulator Virtual Battlespace 2 and 3, and VBS3 VBS2), followed by plastic tables for visual 3D terrain modeling for decision support, mock combat techniques, special equipment and more. Part of the course students are practical work in military training areas ACR Center for Simulation and Training Technologies and formations and units of ground forces within ACR internships and training. 

The department operates within the student group COMMANDOS, which significantly applying current knowledge in the field of management of tactical operations units and small teams in the preparation of students of the University of Defence.

Characteristics of the study module

Study module Commander of mechanized and tank units is focused on the development of knowledge, skills and abilities to focus on professional issues in accordance with the perspectives of the theory of operational art, and tactics, particularly relating to the preparation and conduct of contemporary combat and interaction between units of types of troops. Study module extends the knowledge and skills especially of command, control and tactics units. Graduate study module combined arms commander is ready to conduct the training for units and prepare them for combat and nebojovému use to perform tasks independently and as part of NATO forces. Students within the study module will acquire advanced knowledge necessary for the preparation and management units in current and future operations at command functions commanders at military 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade and 7th Mechanized Brigade prospects of further career growth. 

Description of the Group COMMANDOS 

COMMANDOS Group is a voluntary professional association of students of 1st to 5th year of full-time study Military Defense University. 

A member of the group becomes COMMANDOS Defense University student who successfully completes tender to the group. Tender to the group COMMANDOS is usually organized once a year, as soon as possible after completion of basic training, conscripts, future 1st year students of the University of Defence. Tender COMMANDOS to the group can attend full-time student in any year of study of the University of Defence. 

The focus group activities Commandos is focused on the acquisition, consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and leadership skills in small teams. Usually once a month is implemented multi-day practical training in a military training areas in the Czech Army. All the Group’s activities are organized in COMMANDOS personal leave time students, after completion of all the basic requirements of study. In addition to „own“ the activities of the group COMMANDOS used to promote the Army and the University of Defence in public.