Security Research ProjectsSpecific research




Task Topic – TitleResearcherTime



Preparation of military professionals of the ACR for a second careerIng. Kristýna BINKOVÁ2016 – 2018



Options for improving the safety and health of security forcesMgr. Eva KELLNEROVÁ2016 – 2018
3.K107Increasing of the ability of artillery recco teams and artillery reconnaissance units in the ACR through the application supportkpt. doc. Ing. Karel ŠILINGER, Ph.D.2016 – 2018
4.K109Optimization of Cargo Securing for Off-road Transportation with Emphasis on Transportation Safetymjr. Ing. Martin VLKOVSKÝ, Ph.D.2016 – 2018
5.K109Interoperability outfitting material in military operationspor. Ing. Jana ŠVECOVÁ2016 – 2018
​6.​K101​Modeling the relationship between military expenditures and economic growthdoc. Mgr. Jiří NEUBAUER, Ph.D.​2017 – 2019​



 Identification and security of areas with high population movementsIng. Petra BEŇOVÁ​​2017 – 2019​
​8.​K109​Optimalization of life cycle the rechargeable battery with a direct connection on the planning of financial sources at cost centre​pplk. Ing. Tomáš BINAR, Ph.D.​2017 – 2020​



Dynamic modeling of impact of global risks on supply chains​Ing. Martin BRUNCLÍK​2017 – 2020​
​10.​Ú OPZHN​The electrochemical sample praparation system for high resolution alpha and gamma spectrometry​kpt. Ing. Jiří JANDA, Ph.D.​2017 – 2018​
​11.​​K102​Metodologie vědy (filosofický aspekt)​​prof. PhDr. Miroslav KRČ, CSc.​2017 – 2018​
​12.​K110​Possibilities of defense against VBIED (Vehicle born improvised explosive Device) and increasing resistance of potential targets​​kpt. Ing. Luděk RAK, Ph.D.​2017 – 2019​

Resilience of soft targets against violent attacks​Ing. Jan Břeň ​​2018 – 2019​
​14.​K110​Capabilities and Activities in Cyberspace​pplk. Ing. Petr Hrůza, Ph.D. ​​2018 – 2019​

​New Capabilities of artillery target acquistion units if fire support provision​kpt. Ing. Jan Ivan ​​2018 – 2020​

Assessing of threats and resilience of the selected area​Ing. Pavel Kincl ​​​2018 – 2020
​17.​K102​Financing and economic management to ensure security and defense​pplk. Ing. Petr Musil, Ph.D. ​​2018 – 2020​

Statisticalanalysis of security data​Ing. Martin Tejkal ​​​2018 – 2020