Department of Logistics

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Focus of the department

The Department of Logistics is a specialization department of the Faculty of Military Leadership responsible for the education, upbringing and training of students in logistics skills and military transport. The department participates in accredited teaching and lifelong learning courses. It primarily focuses on the issue of planning and implementation of tasks and measures of individual levels of logistics and their management in the organizational structures of the Czech Armed Forces and NATO in military operations. It also deals with the organization, capabilities and possibilities of logistics, logistics services and transport security of the ACR Ground Forces in the performance of tasks in military operations and in the implementation of operational preparation of the state territory. He is actively involved in modernization projects of logistics, develops and applies new knowledge in the training of future officers. The department also deals with the analysis of the influence of modern technologies on the logistics and transport security of military operations, the interconnection of civil and military logistics, using advanced logistics analysis tools in various areas of logistics and transport security, including applications of modeling and simulation methods. The department carries out creative and expert activities in the above areas.

Head of Department

COL. doc. Dr. habil. MSc. Pavel Foltin, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of Department

LTC. MSc. Martin Novotný

Support Staff

Olga Paseková

Logistics Support Group Military Transport Group Military services Group
Head Head Head
LTC. MSc. Martin NOVOTNÝ LTC. doc. MSc. Martin VLKOVSKÝ, Ph.D. LTC. MSc. Jan KOTISA
Members Members Members
doc. MSc. Miroslav PECINA, CSc. MSc. Radka LOPOUROVÁ, Ph.D. Prof. MSc. František BUŇKA, Ph.D.
CPT. MSc. Jana ŠVECOVÁ, Ph.D. doc. MSc. Tomáš BINAR, Ph.D.
MAJ. MSc. Jiří MALÍŠEK MSc. Bc. Jaroslav TALÁR, Ph.D.
MSc. Robert KUTIL, Ph.D. LT. MSc. Pavla DAVIDOVÁ
LT. MSc. Milan Vábek

Logistics Support Group

The Logistics Support Group specializes in the support  of ACR personnel in the area of food support, support with materials for personal use and accommodation services. Participates in the development of occupational safety and health and environmental safety with an emphasis on waste management logistics. It also develops the issue of ensuring the operation of military equipment, fuel support, professional technical supervision and fire protection at units and facilities of the ACR.

The Logistics Support Group focuses on the acquisition of methodological habits applied in the planning and organization of the logistics support of combat activities at the department level. It also pays attention to the processing of combat documents conducted at the tactical level, the principles of deployment and development of logistics elements at the tactical level and the characteristics of logistics support of the 1st and 2nd level using the NATO-LOGFAS Logistics Information System.

In the field of scientific research, the Logistics Support  Group focuses primarily on the area of provisional and equipment support for members of the Czech Armed Forces, focusing on food safety and hygiene and the evaluation of the useful properties of equipment material.

Military Transport Group

The Military Transport Group specializes in the issue of military movements and transports with an overlap to the civilian sector. It mainly deals with the planning, coordination, management and provision of military movements and transports of the Czech Armed Forces in the Czech Republic and abroad, where the emphasis is mainly on the transport and supply system in multinational operations. It also addresses the area of material handling with emphasis on selected aspects of transport, transportation and handling equipment.

The Military Transport Group has a specialized classroom for teaching Information System of Logistics – Transport for planning and requesting military movements and transports. It offers a specialized course for loading railway cars (training of troops on the railway).

In the field of scientific research, the Military Transport Group focuses on optimizing the transport and supply system and selected processes, storing military equipment and securing cargo.

Military services Group

Military Services Group


Name Kasárna Černá pole, building 7 – room no.
COL. gst. doc. Dr. habil. MSc. Pavel FOLTIN, Ph.D. 11
LTC. MSc. Martin NOVOTNÝ 17
LTC. doc. MSc. Martin VLKOVSKÝ, Ph.D. 16
Prof. Msc. František BUŇKA, Ph.D. 13a
doc. Msc. Tomáš BINAR, Ph.D. 13a
MSc. Bc. Jaroslav TALÁR, Ph.D. 15
CPT. Msc. Jana ŠVECOVÁ, Ph.D. 10
MSc. Robert KUTIL, Ph.D 13
MSc. Radka LOPOUROVÁ, Ph.D. 10
MAJ. Msc. Jiří MALÍŠEK  15
LT. Msc. Pavla DAVIDOVÁ  18