Department of Tactics


Department of tactics is significantly involved in research projects and tasks of the faculty. His efforts not in line with the needs of the Army focused on the following sub-areas to focus on:

  1. The theory of military art and tactics, especially:
  •  use units, departments and unions mechanized ACR in contemporary operations, 
  • use of units and formations of land Forces in multinational forces in non-military operations, 
  • support troops on the territory of the Czech Republic host State 
  • implementation of the reporting cycle in terms of battlefield digitization. 
  • Operational and tactical tasks and optimization
  1. The theory of management, leadership and informatics, especially:
  • ​theory of management units, departments and unions terrestrial Forces in current operations, 
  • Automation command, control and communications terrestrial Forces, 
  • interoperability and compatibility of systems interaction with the Alliance allies within command and control systems, 
  • the use of operational tactical command and control of ground forces in the management of intelligence. 
  • automated command and control systems (ASVŘ) and the issue of military intelligence, security intelligence and reconnaissance (ISR) 
  • Soldier Systems 21-century 
  • computer support tactical decision 
  • autonomous navigation and tactical resources bezosádkových 
  • experimental bezosádkové resources, especially software for the autonomous management and participation in higher systems ASVŘ 
  • Interoperability of systems ASVŘ
  1. Theory of military education, especially:
  • the commanders and staffs of the ACR and the system of training in terms of professional armies in order to increase its efficiency, 
  • development of methods and means of increasing the effectiveness of training of military professionals ACR 
  • design assumptions and approaches to training military professionals and application of knowledge to the troop and teaching experience, 
  • the use of simulation technology trainer and ground forces in the Army and their modernization or ideological requirements for new resources.

 In this regard, the Department designed and developed a number of sub-tasks that contribute to the research programs of the faculty as a whole. This is oriented and serve the very inner structure of the Department of tactics.

Current projects:

  • Advanced automated command and control system (PASVŘ) 

Specific research: 

  • International project STO-NATO SAS-097 
  • Involvement in international activity NATO MCDC – AxS