Faculty studies characteristics and scope

Faculty of Military Leadership provides university education in following accredited degree programmes:

–      Follow-up Master’s degree programme “Economics and Management”

–      PhD (doctoral) degree programme “Economics and Management”


The programme structure consists of study branches that are projected mainly according to the requirements of the MoD into specific modules.

The programme syllabi simultaneously develop adequate studies oriented by military branches which form conditions for mastering the wide scale of significant knowledge necessary for a contemporary military professional and career officer in the Czech Army. Studies of such a focus respond to the request of career permeability within the dynamically developing military structures.

With regards to the requirements on the professional army the faculty guarantees standardized language training in two world languages and at the same time achieving the necessary physical condition in the above mentioned study programmes.

In the main features, the students´ basic skills are formed together with acquiring theoretical knowledge necessary for military command or other positions in army units and while fulfilling the goals of the Czech Republic commitments resulting from its membership in the EU and NATO.

Together with gaining theoretical knowledge from the area of making, allocating and utilising resources to meet the needs of the Army of the Czech Republic within peace and combat operations, the study concentrates on developing skills that are necessary for both managers and executives.

Masters‘ military study program in duration of 5 years ensures complex education of military students for their future employment within the Army of the Czech Republic, eventually within the structures of the EU or NATO.  

 This study type consist of the general study part and the practical study part. Within new accredited study program 2019 „Control and Use of Armed Forces“ students study the first year common theoretical base and after 2 semesters they choose a specialisation in which they will continue in study, focused on specific area of their interest and future job. 


Doctoral degree programmes are considered the natural baseline of independent creative research activities. The doctoral degree studies development is based on the utilisation of all research sources and capacities outside the faculty as well, mainly in military research institutes and partnership educational and research institutions.

New researchers are trained in the “Military Management” and “National Defence Economics” study branches of the accredited Economics and Management doctoral degree programme. The faculty also contributes to the development of the “Forces and Population Protection” university doctoral degree programme with the following study branches:

–       Forces and Population Protection Process Modelling and imulation

–       NBC Weapons and Harmful Substances: Effects and Defence

–       Population Protection


In addition to accredited teaching, the faculty also provides lifelong learning courses which considerably extend the offer of the Czech security and defence experts´ professional education.