Department of Fire Support

About the Department

The Department of Fire Support is one of basic departments providing lessons in the module „Artillery Units Commander“ within the branch Military Management. It solves problems of fire support focused on using artillery units and formations, command, control and fire support realization by artillery. Besides, it is interested in automatization of command, control and communication of the artillery of the Czech Army and the construction of artillery weapon systems and ammunition.

Educational, scientific, research and other creative activities of the department reflects the trends and development of all types of degree programs compiled of the FML.

The Department of Fire Support is one of very important cells in the education and the training system. It has fundamental contribution in the education all process of new young artillery commanders.
Department of Fire support is ready to carry out consultations in the field artillery and combat the use of automated control systems and artillery command and prepare expert review on issues covered by the department.
Department of Fire support is able to provide expert technical advice on the ACR and abroad to participate in research projects.
Department members are prepared to participate in the processing of study backgrounds and rule making, tools and methodics.
If necessary, the Department can provide training in non-accredited forms of learning.