Department of Tactics

About the Department

Specific Orientation

Department of tactics is a leading Department of the Faculty of Military Leadership in the field of higher education of key personnel of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). It creates and develops knowledge in the areas of management and military troops training. Department develops and applies arts with a focus on tactics and operational art foundations.

Education and professional focus of the Department is for ACR contemporary officer – commander of the unit based on the requirements of the General Staff of ACR. On this basis, the Department offers and guarantees the full spectrum of military subjects and develops and implements research, scientific, expert and innovative work in the areas of defense and the military. The academic staff of the Department are involved in the processing of internal normative acts, implementing and reviewing offers, opposition and expertise for the benefit of the Army and NATO institutions.

In the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program is the Department guaranteeing the education of students in modules: Commander of mechanized and tank units, Commander of reconnaissance units, Combined arms commander and specially designed Resource management. Modules are going to prepare students for working in Military Intelligence.

The Department guarantee of comprehensive training of students in the new comprehensive master program, by offering selected subjects in II. pillars of education and preparation, organization and professional guidance of practical training of students in the field. The Department is under the master’s degree program sponsor education students study modules combined arms commander, commander of reconnaissance units and management of information resources, which are fully implemented in III. pillars of education.

In the area of securing and realization of doctoral study program of the Faculty of Military Leadership is Department training center for doctoral degree in Military management.



tel.: 973 443 592 (head of department)

tel.: 973 443 311 (head of Department deputy)

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fax: 973 443 311


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