Essential facts of faculty

The primary mission of the faculty is to provide university education to military professionals as qualified experts, educated in military science and specially trained for military service, fulfilling a socially important role in carrying out security and state defence. In accordance with legislation in force and considering the anticipated time limiting of military service the students are also prepared for a „second career“ after finishing their active service in the Army. In addition to educating future military professionals, the faculty also provides university education to civilian students in the integrated security management specialization and for the needs of the Czech defence industry. Study programmes which are accredited by the Ministry of Education Accreditation Committee and implemented by the faculty comply with the legislative requirements and conventions in the Czech Republic as well as the recommendations given by the European Union, OECD and other international organisations. Graduation from the faculty guarantees the university education comparable to that provided by military and civilian universities abroad.

The area of scientific research is an integral part of faculty activities. I contributes to the development of the state research programme in the area of security and defence, defence research and development and consequently to the Czech national economy. The scientific and research activities of the faculty academic staff contribute to the acquisition and development of scientific knowledge with the respect to the faculty specialization as the unique and irreplaceable summit educational and research institution in the military area. It deals with the utilisation of scientific knowledge in practice the same as with consequences which can arise from its application.

The faculty cooperates with a number of foreign and Czech universities, educational and research institutions, and Czech ministries or other entities of the state or local administration. The tangible result of these activities is holding numerous conferences and seminars at national or international levels. The international cooperation in education, scientific research, training and competitions enable the faculty to compare the level of attained results and thus make preconditions for the mobility of both academic staff and students in the mentioned fields.