Department of Intelligence Support


The research of the Department is focused on:
  • development of capabilities, processes and systems in the areas of military intelligence, ISR and EW for their use for the needs of the Czech Army;
  • development of intelligence disciplines including the development of tools for information analysis in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of the Defence of the Czech Republic;
  • improving the methods of creating requested intelligence information and intelligence products to support the planning and decision-making processes of commanders and staff;
  • analysis and development of tactics and operational use of reconnaissance and EW units with the emphasis on the use of sophisticated military technology leading to full combat support of the Czech Army combat units in all types of military operations;
  • development of architecture and user interface of software tools of information systems for reconnaissance and EW units;
  • information support of decision-making processes, modeling and simulation of operational-tactical tasks for the purposes of military intelligence and intelligence support of the Czech Army.